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With Support

A Courageous Step on the Journey

Are you ready to connect with Troy L Love, the author of Finding Peace and fellow seekers on the pathway to Finding Peace?  Attachment Wounds are best healed through healthy connections with others.  Healing happens when we can support each other in shining light on the Shadows of Shame, Speak our Truth, and Experience Unconditional Love!


Which path will you choose?

Support Network

For those seeking greater peace, healing, and self-compassion


A Confidential Online Community with Support from a Trauma & Recovery Specialist

The Finding Peace Retreat is a 4-day, intensive, experiential training based on the Amazon Best-Selling Book, Finding Peace.


The weekend creates a place of healing for individuals with past wounds of loss, rejection, neglect, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse who are looking for greater joy, happier relationships, and deeper fulfillment in their lives.


The Mastermind group runs for 60 minutes the first three weeks of every month. During these meetings, members review progress and barriers to pre-established and personalized goals to achieve greater peace, prosperity, and success.