Stop Hiding and Covering Your Tracks - Unlock Your Power - Live Your Truth

“The hunter is always approaching.  There is never a moment when I can relax. I must stay guarded lest [I am ever found out]. I am alone in the most complete way.”

John Bradshaw, Healing the Shame that Binds You

If You’ve Been Enslaved by Pornography, Hid Behaviors to Avoid Getting Caught, Promised Yourself Countless Times to Stop Only to Do It Again, Watched as Your Most Important Relationships Crumble, or Simply Have Not Been Living or Leading In Ways You Know You Are Capable Of

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You Are Not Alone

  • Millions of men are sabotaged by the lie that they are not enough - not strong enough, smart enough, rich enough, fit enough, etc. As a result, they find themselves engaging in behaviors that simultaneously numb the pain and increase the sense of unworthiness. 

  • Millions of Men wallow in past mistakes.  Shame is their constant companion.  They live in fear that their past is going to be revealed to the world and the outcome will be devastating. They pull away and hide from others. They believe they are the only ones struggling and would be judge harshly if anyone found out.


  • Millions of Men are dissatisfied or bored even after having pursued what they hoped would be mind-blowing fun. Instead, they drown in numbing behaviors. Efforts to stop feel futile.  They feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of numbing with drugs or alcohol or porn or video games or food or work that only leads to further shame and disconnection.


  • Millions of Men run from connection with family and friends. They bury their face in electronic devices. They avoid going home to be with their family or use their family as an excuse for why they can't connect with others.

  • Millions of Men battle with rage, even if just under the surface. They attempt to bottle up their anger, pretend they are not afraid, and never let anyone see them sad. But then, it comes out anyway, often in messy and destructive ways. 


But Thousands of Men have learned new strategies to find the freedom to live lives of confidence, joy, passion, and connection

There is a proven method to break free from the chains of sexually compulsive behavior for good.

Imagine smiling at yourself in the mirror and loving the guy you see looking back!

Imagine living in integrity, not having to cover your tracks any longer!

Imagine having clarity of mind, better memory, the ability to manage your emotions, bonding with your loved ones!



Identify your purpose, develop goals, and execute a plan of action to achieve real results.


Join a team of fellow men making changes together.


Determine what you need and what holds you back. Eliminate excuses. Expand your vision.


Build connections with family, friends, business associates, and yourself

Who is it for?

  • Men who want to thrive as a man, husband, partner, father, or brother.

  • Men striving to live at the highest level of integrity.

  • Men in or want to be in a committed relationship.

  • Men who are willing to be 100% honest.

  • Men who are change agents and find value in serving others.

  • Men who invest in their personal growth. 

  • Humble men willing to receive feedback from others.  

Who is it not for?

Guys who only want to focus on themselves.

Guys who don't show up or follow through.

Guys who won't be honest.

Guys who won't take ownership.

Guys who won't invest in themselves.

What is Included?

In the nine-month Path to Freedom Program, you will receive:

  • Weekly Mastermind Live Coaching Sessions

  • The Path to Freedom Online Curriculum

    • It includes short videos, exercises, and additional content, providing a comprehensive roadmap to finding freedom from sexual addiction

  • How Firm is Your Foundation Assessment and 6-month Personal Goal Planning Guide 

  • An online community in The Finding Peace Path to Freedom Private Facebook Group

    • In this group, you’ll have access to information, guidance, and connection with men from all over the world and a connection with a trauma and addiction specialist. Access the group whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. How you identify yourself or how much personal information you share is entirely up to you.

Are you Ready to...

  • Master your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS to live the life you truly want

  • Develop a master action plan to hard-wire freedom

  • Use the latest in cutting edge technology to re-wire the brain and proactively master your triggers 

  • Transition from white-knuckling to empowered living

  • Experience CLARITY of mind and PEACE of conscience

  • Learn a powerful “hack” to stop shame in its tracks

  • Learn tools to heal past hurts and live more presently in the now

  • Use your hardwired survival instincts to reinforce positive actions

  • Retrain your mind to automatically choose healthier options that keep your integrity intact

  • Restore TRUST with your partner and create a healthy intimate connection.

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