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Finding Peace Mastermind Accountability Group

You are familiar with the Finding Peace Process. You’ve identified the underlying causes of pain that are holding you back. What’s next?


How do you create and implement a plan to help you move towards greater peace, joy, and purpose?

The Finding Peace Mastermind Group helps you implement the “Finding Peace” process.

Mastermind groups have been around since Benjamin Franklin’s time. A Mastermind is a group of individuals who work together and supporting each other in achieving desired outcomes for ultimate success. In our Mastermind group you benefit from collaborative brainstorming, accountability, and learning that enhances your ability to accomplish your goal of experiencing lasting peace.

  • Support and accountability partners

  • Join an exclusive community of support

  • Weekly live meetings with an immediate group of like-minded people who can share in collaboration, creative feedback, and personal experience

  • Grow and achieve your dreams in ways you have not experienced before.


Over the years, I have observed hundreds of individuals attend training, conferences, and workshops. The tools and knowledge received were amazing. But how many times do you leave the training and do NOTHING with that knowledge?


The Accountability Mastermind group fixes that. You will experience ongoing support and accountability to develop daily habits and support necessary for ongoing success. The Mastermind Accountability group is most beneficial to those who have completed the retreat and have developed their 6-month Finding Personal Peace plan.

How it Works

The Finding Peace Mastermind group runs for 6 months with 60-minute weekly online meetings. During these meetings, members review progress and barriers to pre-established and personalized goals to achieve greater peace, prosperity, and success.


If you have participated in the Finding Peace Retreat, you will have already created a 6-Month Master Plan to achieve specific and measurable goals. If you have not participated in the Retreat, you will have the opportunity to create a similar plan. Each week, we will meet together to celebrate your achievements and successes while also exploring areas where you may be stuck. The group will help you develop strategies to jump over the stumbling blocks and cheer you on your way to achieving your dreams.


There are some standards to which all members of the Mastermind must adhere. First and foremost is confidentiality. What is said in the group stays in the group. This requirement fosters a sense of safety that allows the members to feel safer in sharing together. In addition, group members must agree to be active in the group, providing respectful feedback and doing their own work.


The Finding Peace Mastermind has a structure that keeps us on task and allows everyone to have time to present their work. The Finding Peace Mastermind is like having your own personal board of directors and mentorship team. The group members are encouraged to collaboratively work together in supporting and holding each other accountable. This team approach can be of tremendous value to you and pushes you to accomplish the goals you have only been dreaming about.

The Mastermind Group is $1200

How to Join



Identify which Finding Peace Mastermind fits your schedule



Once you are approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the meetings.