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Embrace Your Purpose - Deepen Your Connections - Live Your Truth

What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.”

Brene' Brown

  • Do you feel that you are not enough as a partner, mother, or friend?

  • Do you dream about being healthier, happier, and in harmony, but instead feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted?

  • Are you wallowing in the past? Does shame seem to be your constant companion?  You pull away and hide from others. You wonder if you are the only one struggling, but you are afraid of sharing your struggles with others for fear that the answer is "Yes."

  • Do you want to discover your core truth and live purposely?

  • Do you doubt your own abilities and talents?  Does this doubt hold you back from achieving your full potential?

  • Are you in a life transition and ready to make some changes in your life?

  • Do you want to develop better boundaries and increase your ability to say "No."


  • Are you dissatisfied or bored even after having pursued a career with success and have financial stability? 

  • You long for a deeper spiritual connection with your Higher Power, your lover, your families, and others on a spiritual path but can't seem to find others willing to be real, authentic, honest, and straight-forward with you. You feel hopeless that any kind of deeper, grounded, a connection is even possible. 

What would your life be like if...

You had a group of authentic, honest, and courageous women who supported you in becoming your best self?

You had women invested in your success and will hold you accountable on a weekly basis?

 You had a team of trusted advisors who offer perspective, encouragement, and assistance?

Consider some of the most successful women in history.  These women had authentic, honest, and courageous relationships with other women.  The truth is women thrive when we support each other.



Identify your purpose, develop goals, and execute a plan of action to achieve real results.


Join a team where you and your fellow group members make changes together.


Determine what you need and what holds you back. Eliminate excuses. Expand your vision.


Share your gifts, insights, and perspective with your group.  Support and encourage each other.

Who is it for?

Women who want to thrive as women, spouses, partners, mothers, and sisters.

Women striving to live at the highest level of integrity.

Women in or want to be in a committed relationship.

Women who are willing to be 100% honest.

Women who are change agents and find value in serving others.

Women who invest in their personal growth. 

Humble women willing to receive feedback from others.  

Who is it not for?

Those who only want to focus on themselves.

Those who don't show up or follow through.

Those who won't be honest.

Those who won't take ownership.

Those who won't invest in themselves.

How Does it Work?

  • Video conference calls facilitated by Troy L Love will be held once per week for 60 minutes for the first three weeks of the month.

  • Each week, a group member has an opportunity to sit in the "hot seat" where other members support, hold space, and provide feedback with the goal of clarity and living in truth.

  • This is not group therapy.  It is an accountability group designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your relationships, careers, health, and personal goals.

  • Members will have an exclusive invitation to a private Facebook group for additional group support and discussion.

  • Groups will be limited to 8 members.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Mastermind Costs $225 per month.  We meet weekly for the first three weeks of every month. There is a minimum of a 3-month commitment, but a one-year commitment is strongly suggested. Individuals who sign up for a 12-month commitment receive 25% off the monthly subscription.


Costs include enrollment in the Finding Peace Online Course (a $299 value)

All Active participants are also eligible for 25% off any other products, courses, retreats, or other events hosted by Finding Peace Consulting.

How to Join

Join the select and elite group of men who are taking the courageous step to transform their lives.  Apply today.




Apply below to join the Mastermind

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Once you are approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the meetings.

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