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Through Storytelling

Change Your Future

Find Peace in the Present

Through Telling a Different Story about Your Past

Join The Finding Peace Through Storytelling Workshop

A LIVE 2-day interactive training

July 16 - 17, 2021

As human beings, we are wired for connection. But when those connections break or are damaged, it creates Attachment Wounds like rejection, abandonment, neglect, betrayal, or abuse. But it isn't actually the bad things that happen to us that create our suffering, it's the stories we begin to believe about ourselves as a result.

The power comes from challenging these stories and telling new ones.  Through connecting with powerful truths about our identity, our gifts and talents, and the connections we have,  we can make sense of pain and become inspired to live the kind of lives we want to live. 

In this workshop, you will learn the tools to tell a better story - one that can forever change the way you live, work, and love.

What to Expect

This workshop is very interactive. Participants will learn in a highly supportive atmosphere with a focus on fun, Improv games, performance techniques, and crafting a story to share with others. There won't be a lot of instruction.  There will be a lot of practice with honest feedback. 


We are preparing you to tell a story from your life like a storyteller does from a stage. By the end of the workshop, you will have a ready-to-tell story that you can choose to share at the Finding Peace Online Story Slam!

Participants don't need to be prepared with a story to tell prior to attending.  We will help you figure that out during the workshop

Participants will work on one story during the workshop and will learn how to apply the following storytelling strategies:

  • Where to begin. Where to end

  • Hooking the listener and keeping them engaged

  • Revealing the Emotional Truth 

  • Setting the scene

  • Maximizing Stakes & Surprise 

  • Building Scenes & Transitions 

  • Tightening the story

  • And much much more


The training will include personalized recordings to help participants get even better in their storytelling skills.


Select students may be invited to tell his/her story on the Finding Peace Podcast. 

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Clear Message

Learn how to get to the heart of the story and share the message with clarity.

Emotional Connection

Learn how to tell the story in a way that helps the audience connect with your emotion


Learn how to craft a story that captivates your audience

Purpose Driven

Raise awareness on important issues and create a platform for dialogue and understanding.


Join The Finding Peace Through Storytelling Workshop

A LIVE 2-day interactive training

July 16-17, 2021

Friday morning, July 16 at 10 am PST.  We will take a 60 minute lunch around noon and will wrap things up for the day around 4:00 pm


On Saturday, July 17, we will begin at 9:00 am PST, taking an hour lunch around noon and finishing by 3 pm.

Training Includes

  • Immersive 2 full day virtual storytelling training

  • Interactive group exercises to help you find your unique voice and message

  • Personalized feedback to improve your storytelling mastery

  • Develop tools to share a story that inspires people and invites change

  • Learn way to express your ideas and share your experience in an authentic and inviting way

$1,500.00 USD
Now only $425

Save ($1,075.00)

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