Make Peace with the Past

Be Joyful in the Present

Hope for the Future

Live Your Truth

Prescott Arizona

September 3-6,2020

Retreat Information

The Finding Peace Retreat is a 4-day, intensive, experiential training based on the Amazon Best-Selling Book, Finding Peace.


The weekend creates a place of healing for individuals with past wounds of loss, rejection, neglect, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse who are looking for greater joy, happier relationships, and deeper fulfillment in their lives.


Whether you’re just becoming aware of how these wounds have impacted your life or are exhausted with the constant cycle of trying to do your best and still feeling like a failure, the Finding Peace Retreat will give you the skills to heal from the past, change the internal negative messages that drive feelings of shame, and develop mindful, compassionate habits leading to greater contentment and peace.


Discover your truth! Connect with your inner light that ignites your power, connection, and purpose.

Connect attachment wounds with what is preventing you from living a healthier, happier life.

Learn how shame interferes with our sense of peace and joy and what to do about it.

Practice grounding techniques to calm emotional or physical distress.

Explore practical skills for identifying and rewriting negative cognitions.

The weekend involves large-group sessions, small break-out groups, and individual work.  We strive to create a safe environment where you can boldly challenge the negative messages tattoed on your hearts and feeling emotions you may have been suppressing.  Participants are invited to allow themselves to be seen, cared for, and supported as they step into the arena of heart work and healing. 

The retreat uses experiential learning rather than lecture.  This helps you fully participate in the learning rather than having information passively shared.  


Experiential processes include:

  • Journaling

  • Visualizations or “guided imagery”

  • Meditation

  • Interactive learning exercises

  • Affirmations

  • Inner-child affirmation and healing work

  • Emotional processing 

  • Psychodrama or role-playing, and dramatic self-presentation to  gain insight into your life

During the retreat, we explore attachment wounds (Loss, Rejection, Abandonment, Neglect, Betrayal, or Abuse) and how we developed negative core beliefs that impact our ability to feel joy, happiness, and peace.  We explore how shame hijacks our lives.  We identify how not feeling enough, powerless, or alone impacts our ability to reach the goals and desires we have in our lives. 

What Alumni have said about the retreat


If you want to heal from past wounds, develop a network of support, see the good in yourself, and learn self-compassion tools, the Finding Peace retreat is for you.

Alumni Stories

My biggest challenge has been chronic pain. I have even battled with thoughts of self-harm. Before I came to the Finding Peace Retreat, I felt hopeless.


But after attending the retreat, I discovered I can work through my attachment wounds.  The exercises we went through and the non-judgmental environment allowed me to feel safe. I can better recognize the wounds in other people and understand that their behavior comes from their own pain and not as a reflection of my worth.


I learned the importance of connecting on a daily basis with others and that I am lovable and enough.

- Jenny K., Yuma, AZ 

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Troy Love and an amazing team of experts will guide you through the Finding Peace Process. 

You'll be supported, coached, and encouraged as you walk with courage through each step towards healing past hurts, experiencing joy in the present and hope for the future.

Take the Step

The Finding Peace Retreat includes:

Five Grounding Tools

$50 value

8 Meals

$75 value

10 Book Reading List

$50 value


$125 value

365 Graditude Prompts

The Basics of Meditation Training

Finding Peace Facebook Community

$25 value

$100 value


35+ hours of training

$1,600 value

Training Materials

$50 value

Finding Peace Online Course

$250 value

(A value of $2,245)

The Finding Peace is only $625