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Make Peace with the Past.

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Palestine Texas
October 12 - 16, 2022

The Finding Peace Retreat is a 4.5 day, intensive, experiential training based on

the Amazon Best-Selling Book, Finding Peace. The weekend teaches resiliency skills using cutting-edge technology to address past wounds of loss, rejection, neglect, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse for those looking for greater joy, happier relationships, and deeper fulfillment in their lives.


Whether you’re just becoming aware of how these wounds have impacted your life or are exhausted with the constant cycle of trying to do your best and still feeling like a failure, the Finding Peace Retreat teaches the skills to rewrite the stories from the past, change the internal negative messages that drive feelings of shame, and develop mindful, compassionate habits leading to greater contentment and peace.

Discover your truth! Connect with your inner light that ignites your power, connection, and purpose.




  • Five Grounding Tools      ($50 value)

  • 10 Book Reading List       ($50 value)

  • 365 Gratitude Prompts    ($25 value)

  • The Basics of Meditation Training     ($100 value)

  • Meals  + Lodging  ($400 value)

  • 35+ hours of training materials    ($3000 value)

  • Finding Peace Online Course      ($250 value)

  • Finding Peace Private Facebook Community 

 Total value: $3,875
The Finding Peace Retreat registration is $2500

Early Bird Discount ($500 off) Ends July 31

Do you have so much peace in your life it's overflowing from every aspect of your life? 

Understand how attachment wounds are preventing you from living a healthier, happier life.

Learn how shame interferes with our sense of peace and joy and what to do about it.

Practice grounding techniques to calm emotional or physical distress.

Explore practical skills for identifying and rewriting negative cognitions.

Our Alumni's Experience



“After attending the retreat, I've come to the realization that my wounds do not define who I am today. I've learned that I am worthy of love, happiness, and acceptance. Being able to connect with all the other amazing people on the weekend gave me the sense that I am not alone!  It was very comforting not to feel judged, but to be loved and accepted just for me.”

- Daniel R., Yuma, AZ


I have a pattern of isolation. I am afraid of being a burden to other people. Prior to attending the retreat, I felt I was the only one struggling with my emotions and the entire world rested on my shoulders. I was using methods I thought were coping, but in actuality, I was numbing.  During the retreat, I learned how to recognize them and reach out instead of isolating them. I realized that I am not a burden. I am loved.”

- Madison H., Mesa, AZ

My biggest challenge has been chronic pain. I have even battled with thoughts of self-harm. Before attending The Finding Peace Retreat, I felt hopeless. The exercises and non-judgmental environment allowed me to feel safe. I can better recognize the wounds in other people and understand that their behavior comes from their own pain and not as a reflection of my worth.   I learned the importance of connecting on a daily basis with others and that I am lovable and enough.

- Jenny K., Yuma, AZ


I am a survivor of emotional abuse and reacting to others in ways that caused me severe emotional distress.  After the retreat, I felt stronger and more empowered. I was able to separate what is my part to own versus other people's parts to own. I was able to see more clearly the wounds of others and how we can find friendship through common support. ”

- RoseAnn F., Yuma, AZ

After I attended the retreat, I was able to finally challenge that feeling and find my own inner strength and worth. I learned that I am so much more than all the shadowy voices in my head.  Better yet, I found a great connection with the participants and trainers to help me stay accountable for my growth.

- Eric P., Mesa, AZ

“I learned new vocabulary to help me have clarity about the struggles and challenges I had faced throughout my life. I learned I can be fully honest with others and still be loved and accepted. Leaving the retreat made me realize that I need to practice more self-care and self-patience. I am grateful for the love and kindness I felt. The retreat was amazing!”

- Philip S., Smyrna, GA

“Before coming to the retreat, I would withdraw and continue in my anger and blaming for days. Now, I have a better understanding of what my automatic responses are and why.  I learned that I am enough.  The Shadows of Shame are not me. They do not accurately represent who I am and who I want to be!”

- Jon H., Layton, UT

“I feel empowered to create a life I can love and feel at peace with.   I remembered how awesome I am and how much I have to offer others. ”

- Marissa M-H., Mesa, AZ

“I was terrible, lonely, sad, and depressed.  Now, I feel equipped with tools and understanding to help me change this pattern every day. The level of detail during the retreat  - every meticulous detail - was amazing.”

- Jordan S., Gilbert, AZ

“I learned that my self-deception and self-betrayal is deep.  It has been trying to protect me from hurt and pain but has actually been creating pain from a different place and direction. As I embrace my authentic self and step out of the shadows of shame, I will feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I will still feel pain, but I know that I do not have to hide it.  I can fact it and reach out to get support.  It was also so amazing to be honored and seen for who I am and know that I am accepted here no matter what I bring to the table. ”

- Marisa H., Layton, UT

“My biggest challenge coming to the retreat was the anxiety of facing my internal voices of doubt. I learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and that I am not the negative core beliefs that I have carried around with me most of my life.  The most amazing part of this experience was the community of fellows that had the common goal of working on our life challenges and the safe container that allowed growth. Because of the retreat, I know now that I can choose to acknowledge my shadows of shame and not let them given my actions. They do not serve me anymore! If you are debating about coming to the retreat, I want to tell you - Do this for yourself so that you may be a better person to yourself, your family, your community, and ultimately the world! You are worth it! ”

- Rafael V., Southern California