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The Nine Week Course That Teaches You How to  Stop Conflict, Deepen Connection, and Restore the Romance

Has the "D" word come up in your arguments?  Has the spark fizzled out?  Do you just want to make your good relationship Amazing?

This 9-week online relationship improvement program provides easy to follow solutions based on 30-years of research to help you find peace, joy, passion, and love again.

The next class is scheduled on
Thursdays at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm (PST)
Starting on July 29, 2021 

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"They should make this a required course in High School. Why has noone ever taught me this stuff?"

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I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams.

- Dr. Suess

How Many of These Apply to Your Relationship?

  • You never know when an argument will pop up so you live on pins and needles.  

  • There's a disconnect in your communication, but you can't figure out what it is.

  • You fight over things that seem so important, but you can't remember what it was about later on.

  • You can't seem to reach your partner. They feel so far away, even when they are in the same room.

  • Your sex life is not where you want it to be.

  • You often feel like you are never enough in this relationship.

  • You don't feel heard.

  • There has been a violation of trust in the relationship.

  • You wonder whether you would be happier if you left the relationship

We will address each one of these issues in the course and provide proven solutions based on the work of researchers, neuroscientists, and relationship experts.

The following video explains part of the framework we use in the Finding Peace in Relationships Series


Explore the attachment wounds, core beliefs, and patterns that are keeping your relationship from thriving.


Learn what part you are playing in the breakdown of the relationship and learn what you can do to change it.   You'll be amazed at the result.


Learn tools and strategies based on proven research that you can use right away - even if your partner isn't ready.


Get live support from a trained and experienced therapist who can answer your questions.

Results Include:

  • Being heard and understood.

  • Creating safety so that even the more shy partner feels comfortable opening up and sharing feelings.

  • Escape the death spiral of drama and find lasting connection and solution-focused tools to solve issues

  • Helping each other with healing past hurts, soothing attachment wounds, and forgiveness.

  • More joy, laughter, and fun

  • Sexual connection deepens and is more passionate than ever.

  • Trust improved or restored.

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Training Videos

What's Included?

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Live Coaching

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“I considered before coming that divorce might be my only option. This weekend has completely turned around our relationship. We understand one another so much better!  Best money I've spent in years!” 

—  A.N., Arizona

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Space is Limited

Consider this...
The average price for 16 hours of marriage counseling is $1920
The average cost of a divorce is $15,000 per person.
The cost of this program is $799 and your partner gets to attend for free!



Frequently asked questions

What is the format for the training like? How much time will it take each week?

The Finding Peace in Your Relationship Training is a fusion of pre-recorded training videos and weekly live 2 hour interactive training sessions. Each week you will gain access to the next training video along with associated exercises. You are highly encouraged to complete the exercises BEFORE the live sessions because it will help you get more out of our time together. We recommend you dedicate at least 30 - 45 minutes daily to work on each week's assignments. The two-hour Live Training Sessions will be held weekly at the same designated time each week (see the heading on this page for the day and time) Research shows that unhappy relationships can significantly increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and chronic pain. So making this a priority could quite literaly change your life. Please make the necesary arrangements to attend. As much as we would like to, the live sessions will not be recorded. When you attend one, you will understand why. Participants who do not attend the live sessions are not entitled to a reduction in the cost of the program and would not be eligible for a refund.

What if my partner doesn't want to attend? Can I still come?

There are many partners who are reluctant to attend events like this for a variety of reasons. And after working with couples for over a decade, I have the seen magic happen in relationships even if only one person in the relationship shows up to learn and implement the tools that will be taught. The principle is this: When even one person does something to change the enviroment, the other person has to adjust as well. Whether you change the environment in negative ways or positive ways, the impact will be felt by your partner. We will discuss how to take ownership of your roles and behaviors in the relationship and how doing so can dramatically improve your desired results. Although your relationship may change faster or more dramatically with both of you engaged, you can still experience a lot of improvement by doing the work yourself. And truthfully, that is really all that any of us can do. We can wait around for our partner to change, but there are more effective ways of spending your time.

I think my relationship is dead.  We are already separated. What good would it do to attend?

Well, I don't know your exact situation, but I am aware of multiple couples whose marriages ended in divorce and yet they came back together and repaired the breach. I won't lie and tell you that it was easy, but these couples reported that it was definately worth it. But even if it doesn't save your current relationship, the tools and education this program offers can also shine a light on what didn't work so well in the past so that your chances of success in future relationships are higher. I don't know if you have seen the statisics, but every time a person remarries the liklihood of divorce skyrockets higher and higher. Would it be worth it to you to learn ways to not make the same mistakes a second or third time around?

How is this different than Couples Counseling?

With couple's counseling, you and your partner usually spend an hour a week unpacking what is happening in the relationship and being given tools to improve communication and problem solving,
This program is more intense and structured than traditional counseling. Think of it more like a college class with homework and a relationship expert available to help. It also takes a very different viewpoint. Most couples who come into my office tell me that they are having communication issues. What drives couples apart is not a lack of communication... it's not seeing clearly the barriers or how to remove them. The materials in this program are based on the combined 60+ years of research by Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. John Bowlby, Steven Stosny, Dr. Pat Love, and others. Their research shows that lack of emotional safety and emotional security in the relationship is at the root of troubled relationships. If you follow the step-by-step guide, practice, and show up during the live training, you will learn tools that can accelerate the postive changes in your marriage and reduce the amount of time and money spent in couples counseling. This program is not considered to be therapy treatment. It is solely educational - although the hope is that by using this information you can improve your relationship. If issues such as mental health concerns or circumstance regarding domestic violence or addiction arise during the training, you may be referred to a qualified, licensed mental health provider in your area to provide additional stupport.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a full refund to individuals who have done ALL of the following: 1. You have viewed all of the video trainings in their entirety. 2. Completed all of the written assignments. 3. Particapated in at least 50% of the live sessions. 4. Raised concerns to the staff and allowed the staff to have the opportunity to attempt to resolve the concern. 5. Fully paid for the program by the end of the training If all the above is true and you were still not satisfied that we provided what we promised, then a full refund will be provided.

Can you guarantee my relationship will be saved?

Unfortunately no. What we can promise is that we will offer solid, research-based, scientifically validated tools and exercises to enhance your knowledge and skill. We have no control over what you or your partner chooses to do. We can only offer support and education.

We just realized that we had a scheduling conflict, can we move our registration to the next training session?

Yes, as long as the course has not started. You have one year from the time you signed up to use or transfer your registration to a future session. Keep in mind we only offer these trainings 3 times a year. So, don't wait too long. Just email one of the staff about transfering to another session and we will take care of the rest.