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Finding Peace Certification

Use your light and talents to help others boldly face the shadows of shame, courageously cultivate deep inner mastery, bravely enter into the hearts of your clients and daringly transform the world for good.

The Shadows of Shame Hijack our lives now more than ever.

Without tools to conquer them, we hide behind masks, numb our pain,  and screw up our most intimate relationships.

Consider these facts

  • The suicide rate for men is 3.6x higher than that of women.

  • 1 in every 5 women suffers from anxiety or depression.  

  • 51% of marriages in the US end in divorce and a record number of single people don't want to date or enter into long-term relationships.

  • More than three-quarters of women (78%) have faced extensive physical and sexual violence.

  • Men are 3x more likely to become addicted to mind-altering chemicals, sex, porn, and other behaviors.

  • 7 Million fathers in the United States do not have any type of relationship with their children.

  • Women in the workforce continue to earn around 78% of what men are paid.

  • Nearly three-quarters of adults who go missing are men.

  • Women are 4–10 times more likely to have an eating disorder than men.

You can make a difference

As practitioners, we know that our clients often struggle with finding joy, peace, and abundance in their lives. When our clients experience attachment wounds like loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, neglect, and abuse, especially as children, negative core beliefs such as not being enough can be embedded into the nervous system leaving life-long suffering. And as a result, their brains work tirelessly to prevent their attachment wounds from being triggered again, even if it results in using compulsive behaviors to numb the pain. 

How can we help clients rewrite their negative messages?  How can we help them develop resilience to shame?  How can we help them connect with their core value and truth?  How can we teach them to use compassionate wound care to tend to their wounds and find peace?

By becoming a Finding Peace Certified Facilitator


  • You have a strong desire to master your influencing skills.

  • You strive to live in integrity and work towards fulfilling your life's purpose.

  • You are looking for powerful tools to positively impact the work you do to help others reach their desired goals.

  • You are ready to set aside a couple of hours a week to learn pro-level skills to enhance your career.

  • You want to wake up every morning excited to help clients on the path to peace and abundance.  

Stone Balancing

Here's What You Get...

  • 24/7 Access to a collection of training that will deepen your understanding of the Finding Peace Model.

  • Over 80 Video Lessons

  • Dozens of Worksheets and Documents to use in your practice

  • Weekly LIVE Training and Mentorship

  • 24/7 Access to a continuously growing library of webinars, videos, recordings, and study resources.

  • 6 Months of Supervision to support you in achieving certification. 

  • Your name listed as a Certified Provider on the Finding Peace Consulting Website.

Your Own Light

Learn how to own your gifts, talents, and strengths to inspire and help others to discover their truth.

Coaching Mastery

Learn how to support your clients in being authentic, vulnerable, and honest as they take action towards creating the life they desire.

Powerful Tools

Master strategies to help your clients develop emotional intelligence, stronger integrity, and live abundantly.

A Community

Be part of a heart-centered community of Finding Peace practitioners where together you support each other in success.


Be listed as a Certified Provider on the Finding Peace Consulting Website and build your business.


The Four-Step Process

Finding Peace Principles Online Study

The Finding Peace Online Self-Study Course is ideal for those who want to get all of the modules, lessons, and workbook downloads included in the Online Course in an easy-to-access and affordable package. 


The curriculum focuses on attachment theory, connecting with core truths, developing shame resilience, and changing behaviors to achieve better outcomes and relationships.

It includes over 70 videos, exercises, and additional content, providing a comprehensive roadmap to Finding Peace.


Six Month Live Certification Training

This training merges ancient leadership principles with cutting-edge strategies to embolden confidence in your ability to work with others to inspire lasting change.  It is an empirically-based training and certification program for helping professionals. This certification methodology focuses specifically on working with individuals and groups.

It includes 24 Live 90-min Certification Modules and

Practice Sessions.  See curriculum below.


*Monthly payments are accepted

Finding Peace Retreat

This 4.5 - day experiential training will take you through the Finding Peace Process.  We model for you what an immersive experience with other men looks like and how to build a stronger bond of brotherhood.  It also is the gateway initiation onto a more meaningful journey with other men who are ready to be more real, courageous, and authentic. 

Attendance to this 4-day experiential training is a mandatory part of the  Finding Peace Coaching Certification. 


Supervision and Other Requirements

Candidates for certification must complete 30 hours of supervision, five of which must be individual supervision sessions where a recorded client session is reviewed with the supervisor.

Live Group Coaching Sessions will be offered bi-weekly.  

Additional Requirements

40 1:1 Client sessions 

12 Group Sessions 

Candidates must complete their supervision and training modules within two years - starting when they initially apply to the program. Once all training and supervision are complete, candidates must submit a Final Application for Certification. 

Group and Individual Supervision rates vary


Ideally, participants will meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have earned or is currently pursuing a degree or higher from an accredited institution in Education, Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, or related field.

  • Licensed by a governing board as an Educator, Social Worker, Counselor, Therapist, or Touch therapy modalities such as Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, etc.

  • Have had at least 20 hours of experience with the Finding Peace Model.

  • Certified as a Life Coach.


Next Class starts July 13, 2021
8:30 Arizona Time


This program follows and is influenced by the guidelines, requirements, and ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

Module 1

Beginning and Endings, Role, Purpose, Coaching vs. Counseling, and Ethics

Module 4

Understanding the Core Issue and Developing a Plan

Module 7



Module 10

Relationships Dynamics and the Finding Peace Process

Module 2

Trauma-informed Care

Module 5

Core Emotions, Mutated Emotions, and Numbing

Module 8

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Energy

Module 11

Common Challenges

Module 3

Attachment Wounds & Core Beliefs

Module 6

Shadows of Shame and Finding the Truth

Module 9

Research-based Strategies to create lasting change in the brain.

Module 12

Group Work

In addition to the General Certification, you can earn additional certifications in:


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Path to Freedom

Recovery Program

Finding Peace in Relationships

Authentic Leadership

Applying the Finding Peace Model in the Workplace

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